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Caldwell, NJ 07007 
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Mission Statement:

To provide comprehensive direct marketing services designed to build strong donor relationships that will leave a lasting legacy for our client partners. These services will be delivered with the guiding principles set forth by each client’s institutional mission and the Advantage Plus high quality standards.  

The Advantage Plus Difference!

We are the best at building donor relationships—in fact we are the only company providing telephone outreach programs that focus on building donor relationships.

You may have noticed our mission statement does not include any reference to telemarketing. First and foremost, we are fundraisers, not telemarketers. We leave telemarketing to companies focused on quantity, not quality. We strive to build donor relationships for the long-term benefit of each client partner.

We believe telephone outreach needs to be utilized in a fruitful way that enhances the quality of contact we have with each prospect. As a result, our decisions are dictated by fundraising standards rather than telemarketing statistics. Our process focuses on providing personalized prospect stewardship with the goal of increasing average gift sizes and pledge rates through our approach.  We are concerned about the long-term relationship of each prospect with the institution. Each member of our team strives to cultivate and strengthen relationships for the benefit of the non-profits we serve.