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Advantage Plus Intangibles

  • Over 50 years of combined fundraising experience
  • Highest quality of customer service
  • Firm specializing in the nonprofit market
  • On-site caller training and education
  • On-line daily reports with up to date information, designed by you
  • Weekly opportunities to monitor our callers on your program
  • Ability to receive your data in any format
  • Benefit of experience with similar organizations
  • Quality printing and mailing services
  • Turn-key solution for management of annual fund, capital campaign and planned giving programs
  • Segmentation by giving history and interest groups
  • Unconditional re-print guarantee
  • Personalized letters with merge fields including specific ask amounts
  • Consultation on and design of case and all mailing materials
  • Development of all mailing materials
  • Comprehensive evaluation reports

Caller Training and Education

Advantage Plus feels it is imperative that callers receive the proper tools and techniques required to make the highest quality fundraising phone calls. They need to be well versed on the case for support and the fundamentals of "friend-raising." Our calling team will be fully educated and trained on your case for support, letter series and script for six hours prior to ever making a telephone call. Caller education and training will include a tour of your institution and a visit to our office in Las Vegas by you.

Use of Personalized Peer-to-Peer Solicitors through pre-call materials

We recognize that every program is unique, and we will meet with your team to decide what will work best with your constituents. Advantage Plus always recommends sending out a pre-call mailing/electronic message, which will allow your organization to delineate its annual fund, capital campaign or planned giving case. We feel it is important for the letter to have a specific ask amount and to inform the prospect that a phone call will follow. The letter serves several purposes:

  • Inform the prospect that a call will follow up the letter/e-mail message
  • Lend credibility to the phone call
  • Educate the prospect ont he case for support and legitimize the ask
  • Contain a specific amount allowing the prospect to make a decision about giving
  • The letter signer is the solicitor, rather than the caller. The caller is merely calling as a follow-up to the letter

We believe personalization is the key to a successful program. To that end, Advantage Plus will make recommendations during the design of your program for the development of different letters for different interest groups. Advantage Plus will design the letters for your organization based on the case for support, our experience and a telephone interview with your letter signer(s).

State of The Art Monitoring System

Clients can call into our external monitoring system on a scheduled night to monitor our callers assigned to their program. You simply dial the 800 number to our monitoring line and enter the pre-determined extensions of the callers you would like to listen to. Advantage Plus allows for this opportunity once a week and the client can reserve their day and time in advance.

Getting Started

Advantage Plus will meet with your team to decide the strategy for solicitation of your constituents. The purpose of the meeting will be to review and make recommendations for the following key areas of your program:

  • Volunteer letter signer selection
  • Case design for the pre-call letter/e-mail
  • Development of a timeline
  • Assignment of ask amounts
  • Review of collection procedures
  • Length of calling
  • Supervision of program
  • Calling space design (if on-site)

Below are some of the ancillary areas for which Advantage Plus takes responsibility. Our full service phone programs allow your development officers to focus on other areas of the Development Plan.

Program Timeline - Delivered in a calendar format to ensure all items are clearly delineated to keep the program on a timely schedule

Segmentation of Prospects - Advantage Plus will make recommendations for segmentation of the list, with the goal of maximizing results. We want to make certain your constituents are being solicited by the appropriate volunteer letter signer.

Assigning Ask Amounts - We analyze giving trends of your constituents over the last five years. We will also develop demographic profiles of your donors to assist us in providing you with recommendations for individual ask amounts.

Development of Letters - In addition to mailing all letters, Advantage Plus will draft each letter for your program by conducting a telephone interview with each letter signer. The letters are written by experienced Advantage Plus writers who are dedicated to drafting the most effective fund-raising letters. Our writers will also be responsible for drafting all follow-up letters and scripts. All documents produced by our writers will be sent for final approval to the appropriate director at your organization.

Fulfillment/Collection - If you would like Advantage Plus to manage the fulfillment process, or pieces of the process, i.e., you would like Advantage Plus to make reminder calls to select prospects, we will coordinate these activities with the appropriate director at your organization.

Timed Mailings and Telephone Contacts - All pre-call letter mailings are sent out in a staggered schedule. This allows us to make changes to any letter where "fine-tuning" of the program is necessary.

Management and Hiring of Team - The Advantage Plus calling team assigned to your program will be comprised of mostly veteran callers with years of experience. All of our callers are managed by full-time, salaried managers. Unlike other firms, we do not use part-time supervisors to manage our callers. Our managers are responsible for ensuring the callers are continually trained through the use of high tech caller monitor and results systems. Additionally, you can monitor calls off-site through the use of a toll-free number. Our web-based video conferencing is also available for periodic updates and on-going training with your staff.

Program Evaluation - In addition to our daily online reporting, Advantage Plus will meet with your team regularly via conference calls. Our goal is to ensure we are tweaking the program on an on-going basis to ensure maximum results. Our evaluation report, presented at the end of the calling program, gives you detailed reporting for all constituencies and data elements, in addition to providing you with recommendations based on the program's findings.

Is an Advantage Plus Outreach Program Right for Your Organization?

Contact us at (855) 575-PLUS or fill out an RFP by following this link. Please also feel free to e-mail us at info@afrcplus.com for a free, no-obligation consultation.