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Planned Giving Services - Legacy Calls

What is Legacy Calls

Legacy Calls is a three touch telephone outreach program, highly customized and personalized to meet your organization's planned giving needs. Through one-on-one communication with your most loyal donors, we identify your best planned giving and/or campaign prospects, confirm and quantify new gifts, educate donors about gift options and close planned gifts. We work closely with key members of your development team to craft a program that enables our callers to function as an extension of your own staff. We are the only firm that uses our trained callers to identify planned giving potential and then hands the prospect over to a trained planned giving specialist with twenty plus years of experience to close the gift. The progress of these calls, prospect feedback and gift closures can be tracked on a live online database by the client 24 hours a day.

Why Outsource?

By outsourcing a portion of your gift planning program, your organization will be able to take advantage of Legacy Calls ability to reach more of your loyal donors in a shorter period of time using our calling team, rather than if you were using your own development staff. This can be especially beneficial to your organization if you are planning a campaign with a planned giving component and you need a cost-effective way to qualify a pool of loyal donors. Legacy Calls achieves results faster than traditional marketing efforts. We are proud to report our cost per dollar is typically less than $0.10. If you have concerns about outsourcing calls to your loyal donors, rest assured - we treat your donors with care and respect every step of the way, and your donor roster remains confidential. In essence, Legacy Calls treats your donors as if they were our donors!

Why Advantage Plus?

Advantage Plus is a boutique firm with over 50 years of combined fundraising experience. Our highly skilled callers engage your donors in through provoking conversations, not rigidly scripted one-way monologues. Our typical planned giving specialist has twenty plus years experience in the planned giving field. We have partnered with a number of organizations in a variety of sectors including higher education, boarding schools, healthcare, hospitals, and humanitarian. With your input, we create a written "roadmap" which guides our gift planning professionals' conversations with your donors. This "roadmap" allows our team to take the conversation only as far as you would like. Our staff provides the day-to-day management of every aspect of the program and keeps you informed every step of the way. Advantage provides our clients with daily reports that can be downloaded from the "Client Login" section on our website. Throughout the program, we will also meet regularly with your development team via conference call to discuss results. We will provide a quantitative final analysis report, including recommendations and/or observations about the program that will help prioritize your prospects and plan for the future. In addition, our donor conversations are designed to gain valuable information about your prospects to help you build stronger relationships with them.

Is Legacy Calls Right for Your Organization?

Contact us at (855) 575-PLUS or fill out an RFP by following this link. Please also feel free to e-mail us at legacy@afrcplus.com for a free, no-obligation consultation.