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Client Spotlight

West Point Associations of Graduates

Advantage Plus is extremely proud of our ongoing partnership with the United States Military Academy. The West Point Association of Graduates, founded in 1869, was established to serve West Point and its alumni. The Association is dedicated to furthering the ideals and promoting the welfare of the USMA and supporting and serving its graduates.

West Point

Funding priorities of the West Point Association of Graduates include:

Superintendant’s Annual Fund: to support Margin of Excellence needs- programs that significantly enhance the cadets’ experience when government funding is not available. Margin of Excellence programs supplement the government funded core requirements to increase each cadet’s personal and professional commitment to the United States Army.

The Long Gray Line Endowment: to keep Herbert Hall open and functioning. The endowment also supports programs such as the Ring Melt, the 50-Year Affiliation Program, and communication efforts to keep alumni connected to West Point and the Corps of Cadets.

Army “A” Club: to support the cadet-athlete experience at West Point. With 25 Division I athletic teams, the “A” Club is crucial to the success of these programs.

West Point Parent’s Fund: to support valuable opportunities that enhance cadet education including cadet class trips, clubs, capstone projects, conferences, and awards.

West Point Graduates

The excitement of the Advantage/West Point collaboration is shared throughout the company.

It has been an honor to represent the West Point Association of Graduates and to have the opportunity to speak with alumni, parents and friends. Each call has been an enriching experience and has caused me to grow, as a professional, in speaking with them.
-Wanda Pederson, veteran friend and fund raiser

When I am calling on behalf of the West Point Association of Graduates, I feel although I am not in the military, I am still helping America by raising the funds to continue producing amazing leaders for our great country.
-Shaledra Givens, veteran friend and fund raiser

Over the past several years, Advantage has not only reached, but has exceeded the fundraising goals of the West Point Association of Graduates. Advantage is honored to have the opportunity to work with such a prestigious organization that has served our country since 1802.